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About us

Founded in 2007, Next Level is a leading Education Center that offers a wide range of general and specialized foreign language courses for all levels and ages according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Learning is a dynamic process and it involves active participation of each individual from the very start, regardless of foreknowledge. At Next Level Education Center you will learn *how to learn* and become independent in mastering the linguistic skills necessary for exchange and use
of information in a global environment, that is, to become an independent learner.

Next Level is committed to improving the standards in language learning and offers the highest quality in teaching and academic management. The school is in superb premises with contemporary interior designed to provide a pleasant, comfortable and study-friendly

Our Method

Next LevelĀ  Education Center

Our teaching methodology is communicative and learner centered. We use up-to- date teaching methods and materials which place the focus on the students’ goals and interests to help them use the language in an effective and practical way. Our classes are specifically designed so that you will have ample opportunities to speak the language and interact with your peers, as well as to receive individual attention. We create an environment in which you feel safe, enjoy respect, acquire new knowledge and skills and develop the confidence necessary to communicate freely in a foreign language. Our vision is to strengthen our students to become active citizens of the world.


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